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Simplifying Your Practice

The Ultimate Practice Management Tool for Advisors

WorldPort is a collection of services that provides a collaborative platform for advisors, investors and administrators.

Through the Advisor portal, advisors have access to tools, services, business and client information, in addition to our customized order management system - while investors, through the Investor portal, can view their individual financial situation at a glance.

WorldPort delivers the type of tools that progressive and established advisors operating sophisticated practices benefit from, while supporting the continued growth of your business.

EWMS Advisor Front Office

Available through WorldPort, EWMS Front Office is a "24/7", real-time and online system that enables Advisors to manage their business, portfolios and clients - anytime, anywhere. Built using the best practices of Canada's top financial services providers, it is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and comprehensive system that helps Advisors provide higher levels of client service to more clients, helping drive referrals and practice growth.

EWMS Front Office Overview:

  • Real-time and web-based investment, client and order management system
  • Provides "24/7" instant access to all client and product information
  • Enables book-of-business segmentation and analysis with a built-in advisor dashboard
  • Includes PortfolioINSIGHTS® – a powerful built-in portfolio analysis tool
  • Features "built-in" compliance to help protect client's assets
  • Provides an optional web-based access for Investors
  • Document imaging, storage and retrieval


PortfolioINSIGHTS is a powerful portfolio analysis tool, built right into the EWMS Front Office system. With PortfolioINSIGHTS, Advisors can perform thorough, insightful and accurate client portfolio reviews – all with a click of a mouse.

PortfolioINSIGHTS helps Advisors:

  1. Provide more value-add service to more clients
  2. Increase the efficiency of their practice
  3. Drive practice growth
  4. Built-in, customizable Investment Policy Statement

Investor Web

Building stronger and more trusting relationships with Investors is critical, and to help with this, the EWMS Wealth Platform provides an optional web-based “24-7” access for Investors, called Investor Web. Investor Web is a convenient and secure site that provides Investors with easy-to-use access to investment portfolios - anytime, anywhere. Investor Web also provides access to other services and information, including non-financial information, links to other investment sites and KYC (Know-Your-Client) information.

Workflow & Imaging

Document imaging and online storage addresses the firm’s need to ensure we have the proper documentation and that it is securely stored. Storing our documents online not only provides added security, it also makes day to day operations more efficient. It also offers the following benefits:

  1. Proper and secure document retention.
  2. A decrease in document processing expenses and increased productivity.
  3. Improvement of branch account opening consistency and efficiency.
  4. Easy access to account documents through EWMS.
  5. Efficiency gains for Worldsource Dealer Operations – particularly with the centralized repository for managing receipt of required documents by the nominee trustee.
  6. A highly reliable and verifiable audit trail.