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Straightforward Transition

Why Worldsource

Since 1989, Worldsource has been supporting independent advisors across Canada who

  • take pride in building a successful financial advisory practice
  • have established themselves firmly in their market place
  • are looking for a dealer that respects their independence

Worldsource offers advisors freedom of choice. Our technology and service platform allow advisors to create an environment that serves their particular client and business needs. Our technology platform allows advisors to build customized client reports, while our range of services can also support advisors in offering insurance, and securities, as well as support in purchasing books of business.

One of the greatest benefits of a relationship with our firm is that Worldsource Financial Management is a full-service dealership committed to supporting independent advisors across Canada. But more than that, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Simply stated, Worldsource Financial Management positions itself to be your strategic partner, offering state-of-the-art technology, in house research and portfolio analysis, the stability of Guardian Capital Group, enhanced operational processes and the services and support you require in order to continue to grow your business and focus your time on strengthening client relationships. In addition to the tools and services offered through our firm, Worldsource also offers competitive payouts to branches and advisors in addition to financial support to help offset the cost of transitioning to our firm.

Selecting a Partner Who Can Simplify Your Transition

While the logistics of changing dealers can be overwhelming, Worldsource’s transition team ensures you have support every step of the way by offering a clearly defined roadmap for your continued success.

Essentially, your transition can be condensed into two critical components; the successful transfer of your registration and the successful transfer of each of your clients and their investments.

Worldsource manages the logistics so you can maintain your focus where it’s most valuable - on your clients.

Knowing What to Expect

Worldsource Financial Management has taken great care to develop and implement a transition process that will ensure you know what to expect and when to expect it. Establishing clear and concise timelines and expectations during the transition planning stage ensures we stay on track.

Worldsource employs the use of a comprehensive transition check list. Each team member knows what and when things need to be done but more importantly, understands why things need to be done. Understanding how critical puzzle pieces fit together creates a strong team dynamic; all focused on your successful transition.

From the initial planning stages to the transfer of your registration; from our advisor education program to the collaborative development of marketing materials; and from the transfer of your clients to the import of your historic data, your transition team will be there to answer questions, provide feedback and offer solutions.

Ensuring Success by Understanding Your Needs

Worldsource has built an organization focused on supporting independent advisors. We understand that you are our client and invest the time to understand your unique business needs. We are dedicated to building successful long term relationships with our clients and the building blocks of that foundation begins with your transition.