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WFM At A Glance - A Strategic Partner

Simply stated, Worldsource Financial Management positions itself to be your strategic partner, offering state-of-the-art technology, in house research and portfolio analysis, the stability of Guardian Capital Group, enhanced operational processes and the services and support you require in order to continue to grow your business and focus your time on strengthening client relationships.

Bottom Up vs. Top Down

Worldsource Financial Management is committed to providing an open forum for communication, so that we may continue to better understand your needs. Worldsource Financial Management has established Advisory, Administrative and Compliance Councils, in order to foster open communication and promote understanding, which allows us to be progressive and responsive to the unique circumstances of your business. Our partnership with advisors, branch managers and administrators is what drives the direction and vision of our company.

Compliance Support

Regulation has become the reality of our business. The challenge is in ensuring that one's practice is compliant while at the same time continuing to grow and meet business objectives. In order to address this new reality and to provide the support to manage this challenge, Worldsource Financial Management has focused on providing compliance support in three ways:

  • Worldsource Financial Management has a strong and responsive Compliance Team,


  • Worldsource Financial Management has automated compliance functionality (where possible) through WorldPort and our back-office platform,


  • Worldsource Financial Management has cultivated relationships and an environment in which our Compliance Officers can be effective in their role, which is to oversee branch activities by providing compliance support and advice.